Applying Creativity to Help with Life Transitions

    awarenessWhen undergoing intense, often times unpleasant or emotionally difficult life changes, it is natural to attempt to ignore the current predicament that you are experiencing. Although this defense mechanism is common, it takes a great deal of mental strength to actually come to terms with this difficult life stage. Becoming emotionally aware of what’s going on around you is absolutely essential to better grow and stay in touch with your feelings about the transition.

    Making big decisions such as resigning from a job or switching schools are serious life stages that require substantial thought and emotional preparation. Taking the time to thoroughly process the decision before you make it, or talk it through with family members or other loved ones is a great way to gain relief and support from this hardship.

    Facing your fears
    Another great way to deal with a new life transition is to normalize any fear that comes with the difficult issue that you are currently dealing with. In other words, an essential way to normalize your fears is to envision these barriers as a form of motivation to move forward in this life stage. Fear that debilitates has the unfortunate power to hinder any emotional progress as you delve deeper into your life transition. By shaping the fear into a motivational source, you can actually mold a more positive mentality in a healthy way.

    Lesson learning
    A key takeaway when confronting difficult situations is to challenge your perception when dealing with the transition. Take this negative situation and spin it in a way that is more focused on making the environment as positive as possible. Even though the pain or sadness may be unbearable in that moment, be mindful that this extreme emotion you may be feeling is simply temporary.

    After an intense or high emotion situation passes, there is a strong chance that this fact will improve over time. Another incredibly valuable lesson to take away from any difficult situation is to master the art of being mentally and emotionally present. In other words, appreciate who and what is currently surrounding you. Even if you are undergoing an emotionally draining situation, taking the time to take your mother out to lunch or spending more time with a friend who is in even a more difficult predicament is allows you to attain a new level of emotional strength.

    Experience sharing
    After you have gone through this experience, there is no question that you’d be in a position where you can mentor or help guide others who have gone through a similar situation. The lessons you have learned from this experience will allow you to be better equipped with skills and emotional strength to help others in need of guidance from a confident individual who has gone through a similar predicament.



    How to Rid Negative Thoughts

    Meditation and yoga can help calm your soul and strengthen your mind and body.

    Meditation and yoga can help calm your soul and strengthen your mind and body.

    In an article written on tinybuddha.com by yoga teacher, Michelle Uy, she shares with us a recent struggle where she allowed her thoughts to take over and create a false reality in her relationship. As she and her boyfriend were deciding to take the next step and move in together, negative thoughts of change, compromise and regret clouded her mind and led her to believe that they would fail when the time came to figure out a cohesive life of togetherness and a new routine. As Michelle is more aware than most people that negative thoughts are powerful and can be detrimental in some situations, she began to do what she knew best to rid the thoughts of negativity and move forward with hope and confidence.

    One thing you can do is surround yourself with positive people. Being around people who love you and care for you or even just in a healthy positive where you may know no one, can get you back to a better place mentally. Positivity is contagious. This can result in the next step, turning your thoughts around. It is alright to think that there will be challenges, but the great news is that when you believe that you can overcome those challenges, and you do – you will be stronger and wiser in the end than you were before.

    A simple step to decreasing these heavy negative feelings is smiling. Do what you know will make you smile, or even giggle. It is truly amazing what smiling and laughing can cure. Smiling is another contagious act; when there is someone smiling at you, it is probably going to take more energy to keep that straight face than to smile back and appreciate the generosity. This brings us to the next step which is doing something nice for someone else. When we perform acts of kindness as humans, we tend to feel a sense of gratitude for what we have in our own lives. Whether it is community service, donating to shelters, or simply helping your elders when you see them struggling up the stairs, everything counts. It feels good to help others.

    Music is always a great way to feel our feelings. If we listen to sad, slow songs, chances are we will be sad; if we listen to happy, upbeat songs, chances are we will be happy. If you are upset, listen to one of your favorite feel good songs and enjoy it. Reading can also sooth our worried souls. Pick up a good book, maybe a book of positive quotes or self-help, motivational book and read. Read on to remind yourself that no one is perfect and we all need a pick-me-up every once in a while. Be easy on yourself, you are not alone. It is equally important to understand that while we accept help in times of need, we must take some responsibility as well. You have choices and you have to be strong enough to know that and to eventually make the necessary changes.

    Last but certainly not least, take a yoga class or meditate. Meditation calms your mind and body and lets you rejuvenate your soul as if you were to receive a fresh start. The beauty in this is that we do get a fresh start every single day that we wake up. We must think of the good in our lives and learn to appreciate them every day. If we see the good and truly appreciate them, it is much easier to deal with the bad as it comes. We all have the power within us to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, we just have to find it and believe.