Students Fight For Veterans

    It’s not often that you find students willing to do anything extracurricular, let alone take on a charitable cause. However, a few plucky students have made it their mission to spread awareness, and raise money for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. While the presidential campaigns heat up, and more politicians are using this issue to sway voters, what are these students doing that set them apart from others?

    Veteran neglect is an issue that’s become tragically common over the past few years. Some veterans seeking treatment tread water on waitlists, hoping to get the medical treatment they deserve. In 2014, a veteran died on a waiting list for his promised medications. Now, while veterans of older wars are not immune to the rigors of time, there must be something done about the nearly 50% increase in veteran patients seeking aid.

    It’s exactly this tragic disparityRichard Battista that motivated a small group of University of Delaware students to for a nonprofit. Reviresco was founded with one goal in mind: helping veterans by bringing together military personnel and civilians. Setting out with a mission of raising awareness, Reviresco and it’s members began with a bang. A 1,700-mile run, taking all of 16 days to complete saw a windfall of support. Raising nearly $13,000 with their widely publicized run, all the proceeds were donated to Team Red White and Blue and Got Your 6, each charity that offer their support to veterans in need.

    More than just raising money for a good cause, Reviresco is pioneering an education platform to teach kids about the military and how to support their veterans. By educating the community, those at Reviresco hope to bridge that gap between civilian and military personnel. Forged out of a sense of gratitude and appreciation for their service, and more-so the willingness to do for others, these teens are showing their true colors, and they’re red, white, and blue

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