Can Mindfulness Improve Your Exercise Routine?

    Mindfulness is mental state that you can achieve once aware of the present moment and calmly accepting your 5 natural senses. Mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique. A new study that was published by The Journal of Health Psychology decided to zero in on what exactly makes exercising feel more pleasurable. Researchers at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and many other universities have been researching the psychological foundation of exercise satisfaction.mindfulness

    How many of us have made a New Years resolution to exercise more? Or gave up unhealthy habits for a birthday, or even decided to use the winter as a season to tone your body? This new study offers encouragement stating that paying more attention to the actual experience of exercise itself might make the experience more pleasing. Like many of us. researchers have constantly studied the everlasting bah habits of inconsistent exercise routines. Possible reasons vary from personality traits, genetics and over all bad practices. According to Gretchen Rynolds of the NYTimes, “the most reliable factor that appears in most studies is whether people will continue to exercise is that they find exercise satisfying. They gain enjoyment from being active.”

    The ultimate concern with that is, does that statement really explain what exactly makes exercising? No. You can not simply tell someone to start enjoying their workouts with hopes of instant results. This is where Mindfulness comes in.

    Mindfulness and satisfaction in physical activity: A cross-sectional study in the Dutch population.

    Mindfulness is a popular term that most associate with meditating and spirituality. The term in highly subjective but does root back to experimental psychology. In experimental psychology, mindfulness is defined as “controlled attentiveness, a deliberate “awareness of what is happening in the present moment,” as the authors of the study wrote.

    Moreover,  there have been some associations between mindfulness and physical health. In regards to weight control, if you are mindful during meals then you are less likely to gain weight. But, although there are all these views on mindfulness and weight control there is  far less research devoted to the to study of mindfulness during exercise.

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